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About Me Hello! My name is Barry Aldous. I hope you enjoy your visit!


Over the years I have used many cameras and made many devices.  I thought that it may be of interest to some to the equipment I currently use and for what purpose.

My Sony DSC-V1 digital cameras are the oldest in my collection and are now used exclusively for close-up work using a using a home made beam splitter.

The two cameras are triggered with a LANC Shepherd remote that  controls all the major features of the cameras, focus, zoom in particular. This device uses the "ACC" port on upper end Sony digital cameras, also some Canon cameras and camcorders.

PHOTOS to be added

I own two Fuji W3 cameras, each being enhanced with Cyclopital lens adapters, individually enabling wide angle and close-up photography.

My most used camera is a Panasonic 3D 1 which slips into my pocket for three instant snapshots.

For serious 3D stereo photography I choose to use Panasonic GX-7 4/3 SLR cameras.  Two of these can be mounted in various twinned configurations, including a beam splitter, Z bracket and other positioning devices.  The third GX-7 is used solely for time-lapse photography with a digital stepper or splash photography with the Panasonic 3D lens.  

I also use the twinned rig for hyper video and time-lapse.

My field sequential 3D photography involves a Canon 5D MkII SLR for which I have several lenses.  I also use a 3D attachment with this camera.

For film slide copying, I use an Olympus SP 350 which also takes 3D adapter when required.

For video work, I use a Sony TD 10  Camcorder.

My addition equipment includes motorised sliders and panoramic heads.

My most used camera is a Panasonic 3D 1 which slips into my pocket for thoee instant snapshots.