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Fuji W3 Lens Attachment

The Project

It occurred to me, that due to the limited availability of the Cyclopital3D Auxiliary-Lens- Adapter and Macro Focus Attachment, there is no alternative device that fits the bill.  Although I do own both of

these adaptors, it seemed a fair challenge to produce an attachment that would simply mount interchangeable lenses to the W3 at very low cost.

I have included a downloadable template that will help anyone wishing to build an attachment for the

W3 and possibly the W1!  The construction materials are not critical, but I already had an assortment

of MDF which served the purpose; 3 mm and 6 mm samples being my choice.  PVA adhesive was

used where needed.  The two lens mount apertures are 30mm diameter, which I shall explain later

and the fixing hole is 5mm diameter, permitting a self tapping fit of a camera securing screw.  

The completed attachment was finished with black household enamel spray.  

Please note that I have not included any apertures for the W3’s flash and microphones as this would

be impractical.

Choosing lenses is not straightforward; ‘Try before you buy’ not being a readily available option.  

I have tried various wide-angle lenses and to cut a long story short, finally found one that is worth

noting.  It seemed to me that the diameter of the front element of the lens needs to be as large as possible to avoid a vignette at the corners of the image; If this vignette is cropped out, the

perceived advantage of the lens is lost to some extent.

So, with this criteria in mind, I set out to purchase yet another pair of wide-angle lenses.  I chose to

use eBay for my search, with an open mind regarding the lens manufacturer etc.  My search criteria directed me to a page listing a “74-37mm 0.39X, Full HD Macro Lens for Ordro Andoer Video Camera Camcorder DV K7N4” - very specific, but in fact somewhat misleading!  At a cost of £1q8 each I find the lens worthy of recommendation.

The description of the lens quotes the mount diameter as ‘37’ (37mm), matching that of the

Cyclopital3D adapter.  The overall diameter of the lens is quoted as ‘74’ (74mm) which is accommodated by the 75mm interocular separation of the Fuji W3.  With such a large diameter

front element, this lens provides an extremely wide viewing angle.  In practice, the field of the W3

set at the wide end of the zoom, is increased by around 40% without any sign of vignetting.  

The Andoer lens is built with lens elements, removal of the front element leaves the macro section available for really close-up photography, down to around 50 mm. The W3 A3D’ setting can be

used to capture macro images.  A further feature is the inclusion of a separate 30 mm to 37 mm

step-up ring, hence the 30mm aperture in the template.

Notes – The step-up ring can be glued into the 30mm aperture with PVA adhesive which will form

itself to the thread while setting.  The lower portion of the attachment provides mounting space for an external power pack if required.  Suitable 5v power packs are available online. as is a USB battery coupler type NP-50CP for the W3 and 1/4” Camera retaining screw (SmallRig).

Barry Aldous  - October 2019

Lens Attachment Template.pdf