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3dtv.at - offers turnkey solution to watch and record real stereoscopic 3D video


Muttyans home page - The best 3D image manipulation software - StereoPhoto Maker - and it's free.


Assistpoint - supply all forms of viewing glasses and 3D devices including digital camera and viewing accessories by Cyclopital3D.


The Stereoscopic Society - Capturing the world in 3D, the Society was formed in 1893 and has around 400 members world wide.  Meetings are held in Coventry and London, UK.


Steve Aldous (My son)  - Author of novels and short stories; Film reviewer of rock bands and films. He is the son of Barry Aldous.


Ingnomini - A comprehensive look at 3D cameras, viewers, projectors and more from days gone by.  A wonderful site for students and lecturers needing more information about the history of 3D photography.


Ian Rushton (My nephew) - One of New Zealand’s respected contemporary photographers with HDR images of New Zealand renowned mostly for their vibrancies and striking beauty. His substantial and constantly growing body of work primarily showcases New Zealand's landscapes at their best. He often works in series enabling him to explore the particular environment and its possibilities in great depth.  Ian also works with Time-Lapse and Stereoscopic imaging.


B&H - A professional source  for photographers since 1973.  This company, based in New York, will be of particular interest to those involved with stereoscopy and virtual reality.


Phereo - Phereo is a 3D photo and video sharing experience. As a first of it’s kind, it’s kind and helps to make 3D photography become a mainstream experience.  Content can be viewed by non-members in several formats.   


International Stereoscopic Union (ISU) - Founded in 1975 the only international 3D association in the world. The ISU is a club of individual 3D enthusiasts as well as a club of stereo clubs. The ISU's members currently number more than 1,050 representing over 40 countries world-wide.


National Stereoscopic Association (NSA) - Founded in 1974 to promote the research, collection, and use of vintage and contemporary stereoviews, stereo cameras, equipment, and related materials.