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SLIDE-BAR - Those of us wishing to create stereoscopic images using sequential shots will realise the advantages of using a slidebar.  My slidebar Figure 1. is constructed from a computer keyboard shelf-runner, available in pairs from B&Q Warehouse in various styles costing between £8 and £12 for the pair……more

3D PROJECTION - Over the last few years I have provided well over sixty 3D presentations to both photography and video groups. During this time, I developed a need to get away from using a computer to drive my projectors. This need was inspired by developments taking place with 3D capable Blu-ray players and 3D media players, along with the need to avoid the constraints imposed by computers and their operating systems…..more

SLIDE DIGITISING - With the advent of digital photography and the decline in the use of film slide projectors, it is an attractive proposition to convert our film slides to to digital images in formats suitable for viewing on the many devices now available to us.  There are professional services available to us, but they can be costly.  Here, we look at some methods I have developed to make home conversion possible using readily available components…..more

FUJI W3 LENS ATTACHMENT - A simple attachment for expanding the scope of the Fuji W3 by enabling ancillary lenses to be used including combined macro/extra wide-angle types. Adding a high capacity external power pack is also covered.....more

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