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Twinning Osmo Pocket Cameras

For some time I have been without a video camera with a near standard inter ocular lems separation.  My Sony TD10 has served me well but for filming event, I much prefferd my twinned Sony HC-5 rig which provided a more immersing experience.  Long story short, the Sony camcorders add a common fault relating to the Mini DV drawer which had an annoying capacity to resist being closed.   Times have moved on and having purchased a DJI Osmo Pocket gimbled camera for casual use, I was so impressed with the 4k video quality of the camera, that I decided to splash out on a second camera, not for my other pocket, but as a twin for the first.

Like the Go-Pro devices there are hoards of accessories available for the Osmo, making quite easy to mount the two cameras as a pair.  As with any twin rig, the main problem is synchronisation but by adding a coupled trigger mechanism satisfactory results can be achieved.       

Clematis photographed with twinned Osmo Pocket cameras.